How to Prevent Human Trafficking

Can we truly prevent our most vulnerable children from being trafficked?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Body of Christ, we must spread this message throughout our community. We hear almost daily in the news about children being rescued. We hear about sting operations. We even hear about how ‘bad’ Florida is when it comes to human trafficking. But not only can the trafficking of our children be prevented…I believe the body of Christ is the solution! (more…)

Join Us As a Hope Partner

There is something about a baby, a newborn baby, needing a foster home that deeply impacts me.

All abuse, regardless of age, is horrific and should make our stomachs churn. But sometimes, I wonder why a baby being cast aside or broken by those that should love them the most impacts me on the deepest level imaginable. Is it because I remember when my son and daughter were born? That I can clearly recall how small and vulnerable they were? Or is it because I think about our savior Jesus Christ’s birth? How, from the beginning of His life, many hated and conspired to kill him even as a baby?


Pray with Us!

With 2015 quickly coming to a close, our entire team here at A Door Of Hope would like to thank you for your support and prayers this past year. What a year it has been! We’ve seen growth in every area of our ministry: our church partners, our licensed foster homes, our prayer partners, the children we’re serving, and the much-needed staff to license and support more Christian foster homes! The momentum is tangible as we are literally pursuing the goal for every child in crisis throughout Tampa Bay to have a home.

So would you join us in prayer around a few specific numbers?